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Join us @ Khronos BoF Day (SIGGRAPH 2013)

Exciting new things being presented at the Khronos BoF today. You will learn about the new camera WG and Camera API initiatives happening that take advantage of OpenCL, OpenGL ES, OpenVX, and StreamImput. The trend went from traditional photography to computational photography, and now, to perceptual photography (this is a new term that came up today). Improving HDR images (quality, range, bandwidth, memory footprint, computational loading, etc.) is an exciting application where the Khronos group is heading. Multi-sensor applications (ex. Pelican Imaging), stereo, dynamic effects, etc., even though in its infancy as a mainstream technology, is now being pushed hard by the industry. With the inclusion of GPUs in the computational (imaging) pipeline new image dynamics are constantly being enabled to enhance the user experience.

New updates in OpenGL/GL ES will be given throughout the day as we take a look at the GLES 3 and the next generation graphics API. This is also an exciting time as it marks the 10th anniversary of OpenGL ES.

Please join us at the Khronos BoF event so we can update you on the latest information.


Event: Khronos BoF
Date: July 24th
Time: All Day
Location: Anaheim Hiliton (California Ballroom, 2F)