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About Me

I am a Product Marketing Manager at Vivante Corporation, responsible for marketing initiatives, product planning, and business development. For over 12 years, I  have been involved in the GPU and video industry in various technical and business roles including system design engineer, FAE, and product marketing at S3 Graphics, Trident Microsystems, XGI Technology, and Silicon Motion. I started my career in PC graphics, responsible for designing notebook and desktop GPU platforms for OEM systems, before moving on to low power mobile/handheld and embedded systems. Due to the mass adoption of GPU technology in all kinds of intelligent devices, I am thankful and blessed to be part of wonderful teams (current and previous companies) that create amazing products that enhance our lives. Some of the areas I have been exposed to include PC graphics, video processors, TVs, digital signage, servers, mil-aero, automotive, and other embedded products.

Right now I am looking at different ways to use (and productize) the GPU/GPGPU to create powerful subsystems that will make their way into upcoming products.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, hiking, and being with the family.


  1. Hello. I am senior editor, System Level Design, Extension Media and am researching graphics capabilities at the moment. Is there anyone I can talk to or send questions via email about the topic of OpenGL ES 3.0 in particular, but it would be good to have a central contact at Vivante for any other feature articles in the future too. Would you be able to contact me at the email below? Thank you.

  2. John Oh says:

    Hi Benson, Good to see your writings here and look forward to keeping very proactive activities. John Oh

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