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Huawei Ascend P6 Smartphone…Thin, Sexy, and Intuitive

By Benson Tao (Vivante Corporation)

The rise of Huawei is a corporate success story (and MBA case study) of determination and will to do whatever it takes to make a difference in people’s lives. This goal is achieved through the creation of the best and most innovative products possible without cutting corners or taking short cuts. This perseverance has turned Huawei from a tiny company that started selling PBX (private branch exchange or telephone switches) to a global behemoth that recently rose to take the crown as the world’s largest telecoms equipment maker in the world, surpassing Ericsson last year. The rapid rise of Huawei has also made it one of the top global brands in the world and a household name in some parts of the world. As the 2010 Fast Company fifth most innovative company in the world, a natural extension of their product line was to develop cutting edge smartphones and tablets to complement their existing user and communications infrastructure base. In the past year, their fruits of labor have helped push the mobile market forward with a few leading (and surprising) innovations:

  • Fastest Quad core smartphone (Ascend Quad D)
  • One of the first 1080p smartphones (Ascend Quad D2)
  • World’s fastest LTE smartphone (Ascend P2)
  • …AND the just announced thinnest smartphone in the world measuring only 6.18 mm thick (Ascend P6)


Ascend P6 (Source: Huawei)

What do all these leading Huawei products have in common, other than all being branded under the Ascend name? At the heart of each product is one of the best architected Quad Core CPU and GPU combinations the market has seen, all packaged in a Hisilicon K3V2 SoC. Hisilicon is the semiconductor division of Huawei and is one of the suppliers of products to their systems division that defines or builds final products. Huawei can source product from Hisilicon, Qualcomm, and others to fit product requirements (cost, performance, low power, etc.).

One reason the K3V2 was chosen to power their flagship phones was the capability, scalability, extreme low power, and performance of the Vivante GC4000 (Graphics and Compute) GPU. Extensive due diligence to qualify the Vivante architecture was done under a microscope to make sure the GPU could meet all relevant claims. In the end, the GC4000 met or exceeded the demanding test criteria for 3D graphics performance to play the most intense and detailed mobile 3D games, and the Vivante CPC (Composition Processing Core) helped accelerate their intuitive Emotion UI user interface for responsive, smooth, and fluid feedback.



Source: Huawei

The Ascend P6 is the best and most beautiful smartphone Huawei has designed, with intricate details going into its amazing design (look), high quality materials, metallic body (feel), and ease of use. For more information about the Ascend P6, please visit their minisite.

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